Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in Brown County, Illinois - In the Heart of the coveted Golden Triangle.


Q: How many acres do you have?

A: At this moment we have over 2400 acres spread across 16 different farms. We are adding more soon.


Q: How many stands do you have available?

A: We have roughly 125 stands placed in high traffic and quality areas with another 10-15 ground blinds. All are located in pre-scouted areas in and around the food plots we put in or around the natural travel and gathering areas. Each Stand has been strategically placed to offer you the best opportunity at a great buck.


Q: Am I guaranteed a shot?

A: We are FAIR CHASE not a high fenced hunting operation. You are not guaranteed a shot, but the chances of you getting a shot are excellent.


Q: How much is the downpayment?

A: We ask for 50% down with the rest due upon arrival at camp.


Q: What is the % of deer harvested over 140"?

A: 85%-95% on OPPORTUNITIES on bucks 125" or bigger. If you are patient you can have a better chance of seeing that 140 class buck. Again, it is fair chase, but being in the Golden Triangle, you will have a better chance of harvesting a mature, quality deer than in most other areas.


Q: How much are tags? Is there a Lottery for gun tags?

A: Tags are around $460 for archery and $350 for Gun. There is a draw to get a gun tag, but I guarantee you get a tag or you will get your deposit back.


Q: How do your hunts break down?

A: Our Archery Hunts consist of a 5 1/2 day hunt. Gun hunts consist of a 3 day November hunt and a 4 day December hunt. There is also a Muzzleloader only hunt in December for 3 days.


Q: What weapon can I use to harvest a deer?

A: You can use shotgun with slugs, Handguns or Muzzleloaders during regular firearms seasons. There is a special Crossbow hunt in Illinois - CALL FOR DETAILS AND STIPULATIONS.


Q: What is all included in the price?

A: Lodging in our 1600 Sq Foot Lodge. Breakfast - We supply cereal, muffins, oatmeal and other misc breakfast items. Lunch - we have Lunchmeat, chips and other items for you to make for yourself to bring to the stand with you for the all day sit, or you can come back to eat. Dinner - Home-cooked meal served buffet style where we all can sit down together and share the day's events with each other.


Q: Will you be sitting with me or taking me to the stand I am sitting in?

A: We will show you where you are hunting and you are responsible for transporting yourself to the farm. We realize there may be special arrangements needed for certain situations and we will do everything we can to accommodate you and make your hunt enjoyable and successful.


Q: Will you come to get us if we fly in?

A: Arrangements can be made to pick you up at the Airport and get you to camp.